Cafe Laundromat: Two in One

Well, I guess you could say three…four…in one. Because this place in Bislett, Oslo is a restaurant, a bar, a cafe and a laundry. Convenient, for travellers in particular. And it’s also a nice spot to chill while waiting for those clean clothes. Didn’t try the food, but the international fare menu looked good, so will have to come back for a bite. This time around it just became a relaxing place to pop by for a drink for both a beer drinker and a non-beer drinker 🙂

Bislett is a neighborhood right outside downtown, so jump on a bus or street car and experience local life!

Update: On my second visit I remembered to take a look at the laundry room, and shoot a couple of snaps. The room is veeery small – crammed.


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12 thoughts on “Cafe Laundromat: Two in One

  1. I came across a chain of similar cafes in Copenhagen while planning for our trip there next Summer and I thought, WHAT A BRILLLIANT IDEA!! I remember when I was travelling in Venice, we dropped our clothes to wash at the laundromat and hopped over to the neighbouring cafe to wait for our laundry to be done. So I can imagine why having a cafe AND laundromat in one is a wonderful idea for travellers. #FarawayFiles

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  2. Brilliant! There’s a very similar one in Copenhagen too, I always meant to go there but we had a washing machine in the house we lived in so didn’t ever get around to it! 😀

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