Happy with Happy Valley

For my stay in Ezulwini Valley I went with Happy Valley Hotel, which was nothing but great, but made me realise I missed being at a guesthouse, like I had been until now on the trip. Not that the hotel didn’t have everything I needed, and more, just that the size makes it a lot less personal than a small guesthouse. Also turned out this hotel was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be when I booked it. And it is getting even bigger, with a new building being attached. As said, this place offered a lot – casino, two bars, restaurant, souvenir shop, and a big room with a pool/garden view. All in addition to a great location, across from Gables Shopping Centre, which has grocery stores, restaurants, movie theatre cafes etc, and last, but not, least a very helpful staff! Before coming I got help with booking a taxi to take me around to the places I wanted to visit. And when leaving a guy helped me with my very heavy suitcase up the hill to the bus pick-up point. Couldn’t be happier with that hand 🙂 Two improvements needed though. Wifi is bad, felt non-existent, and the dinner I had wasn’t all that – the prawns were way overcooked. Quick fix, head over to Mug & Bean for free wifi and great food.

Website: happyvalleyhotel.com

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