Barranco: Cozy and Colourful

Barrranco! I just love saying it. Let the r roll away 🙂 I had read about the Lima area before coming, but had not put it on a must-do list, more of backup plan. When it turned out I had time to spare, I decided to get in a taxi and go explore. Immediately after being dropped off, I was a bit unsure whether it was a good idea or not. Because it was all so quiet. Not much people around. After making myself a bit familiar with where on the map I was, I headed towards the sea, and there I found the most cozy and colourful spot. It melted my heart 🙂 And not just mine, there was a photo shoot going on in front of the colourful houses, so there are several besides me who acknowledge the uniqueness. You can walk all the way down to the sea, and the alley like street taking you there is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes. This must be an exquisite place at night! Barranco appeared to be small neighbourhood, at least the centre of it, but undoubtedly a great one.


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