Like Something Out of “Murder on the Orient Express”

Travelling in style 🙂 Going from Puno to Ollantaytambo, I decided to get on the train for parts of the journey, from Puno to Cusco. Just as much as a plane ticket, but a lot more fun. Because 10 hours onboard the Andean Explorer of Perurail ( didn’t feel like 10 hours at all. After waiting in the designated waiting area at the train station in Puno, it was time to board this luxury train, which is so far from an ordinary train that you can get. It has a glass-walled observation car, a bar area, and a carriage with a sitting area, where the three course lunch is served, on the same time to all the guests, on the sign from the head waiter. As a solo traveller I got my own little table and armchair. Some of the others had to share tables with other couples. Most of the time spent onboard are done watching the scenery go by, but there are also entertainment for the ones who’d like to participate, a fashion show, and some dance group I think, I didn’t care to have a look… I thought the landscape and what else was happening outside the train was more exciting, especially going through the market in Juliaca, in between the stalls. People basically had to move their goods off the tracks so we could pass, to then again after us passing, placing their stalls back on the tracks. We also stopped at the highest point on the route, at the La Raya Pass, at 4.313 masl, which was the only stop on the trip. Not much to see here, but suddenly there were locals coming from different directions, to sell you things or to let you meet their llama babies, for a fee of course 🙂

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