Cheap at Its Best

This place in Puno is the cheapest hotel I have ever stayed at. But it sure doesn’t look it matches the price. I was very surprised by the value for money. Centrally located, just a block away from Plaza de Armas. Breakfast included. Cozy sitting area on basement level, but in an atrium making it all very open and inviting. Also a sitting area outside my room, with unlimited access to coca tea, no teabags, whole coca leaves, kinda rustic. It definitely was needed, the hot tea, because it’s freezing in the mountains in the(ir) winter, when the sun sets. This was the only hotel in the Andes that I stayed at that tried, to its abilities, to take that into consideration. There were an extra heater in the room, in addition to a wall-mounted one, a duvet and a couple of blankets, one thick alpaca wool one, a real solid one. It all came in very handy, as it was really freezing, and I am from the Arctic, freezing I say!!








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