On the Other Side

Of Daugava, this is what Riga looks like. So Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel definitely has the view going for it. But watching the city from afar also means you’re in a certain distance from it. But I didn’t find the walk across the bridge daunting. I’d say a quick 5 minutes, or 10 at the most. Arriving on a local bus from the airport (saw people head off in the same direction, so tagged along), I, on a somewhat calculated whim (looking at the map), decided to get off at a random bus stop, which luckily turned out to be the closest one. Walking from the drop-off to the hotel was not too impressive. Quite back alley like… After a short stroll I stood in front of this huge hotel, and after checking in it just hit me, that staying at smaller ones where the staff is more “personal” is…nicer. Not to say that they were not friendly and helpful, but you just get the feeling of being yet another bead on the chain. Anyway, regular 4 star hotel room. It was all good.

Website: radissonblu.com/en/hotel-riga

Note: Photo is by Latj.




2 thoughts on “On the Other Side

    • Yes, I assume that would be possible and convenient. Never looked into it myself. Have not been to Lithuania yet. I like staying at 4 star hotels when I feel I get my money’s worth, but staying at generic ones I feel is a waste of said money…

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