For Those Who Don’t Ski

And I am definitely one of those! Geilo is a well-known skiing destination in Norway, and hadn’t it been for my former employer throwing the Christmas party here, I most likely wouldn’t have ever set foot in this part of the world. But with the case being what it was, ending up at Vestlia was not the worst thing that could have happened. Instead of steering towards the slopes, you can head off to the spa, which boasts a very nice space with several relaxing options to enjoy. If you feel the need to burn off some of the delicious food they serve, the gym is an alternative. Truth needs to be told, the gym has seen better days. But it gets the job done. If doing nothing is your way of unwinding, you can just lounge with a book and a hot cuppa in one of the many very nicely decorated common rooms, which ambience kind of makes you wanna curl up under a blanket and chill. I can see from their website that there are several other things to entertain yourself with as well, but with the limited time I had I didn’t have the opportunity to try it all out. Doubt you’ll be bored. If outside activities besides skiing is something you’re looking for, the Geilo town centre is one kilometre away. I imagine a nice stroll, but when you have forgotten to bring your toothbrush and it seems like a long walk away, it is convenient that the hotel has stocked up. Had to buy one though. Shouldn’t it be part of the toiletries at a resort…?



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