An Indian Favorite

New Anarkali was once on a list in a Oslo newspaper of cheap, good dinner places. Otherwise I have to admit I’d probably not gone inside, as the outside looks quite gloomy. It is a small place, and often full, but you always get great food served by just as great staff. The inside does feel like it is filled to the brim with stuff, kinda kitsch interior, but as long as I get excellent food I’m good 🙂

Located in the neighborhood Grünerløkka you either walk from downtown or take one of the many street cars and buses that pass nearby.



5 thoughts on “An Indian Favorite

  1. An Indian restaurant in Oslo…looks interesting! Was it spicy? I am sure it was not! 😀 …The best thing I like visiting Indian restaurants in Europe on my travels is the way people try to eat the Indian food. I remember I was once visited this Indian restaurant in Hungary where I was surrounded by all Europeans or maybe some tourist, and when my order came, I was trying to mix up the salts and spices which were kept on the table and began eating the way we usually eat…and in no times I realized I became the center of attraction and people were trying to intimate my eating actions! 😀

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