Surf’s Up!

We’ve all heard of this one, Sydney’s Bondi Beach. When you arrive at the hilltop, and this incredible view lies beneath you, you feel a slight tingling and there are a lot of oohs and aahs. It looks great, and you’re excited about being there. Then when you move down towards the shore, reality hits you… Up close the beach looks, I think, a lot smaller than it actually is and what you have anticipated. I was there off-season, so it was very nice and quiet, well at least compared to their summertime. Because it was winter the famous lifeguards from Bondi Rescue were not on duty, but by the looks of it that did’t mean there were no photo ops. Some girls where getting their photo taken together with some lifeguards in front of the tower. Up on the road passing behind the beach you’ll find a few shops, restaurants and cafes. Nothing much. The whole thing was done quite quickly, so more of a “ticked that box”.

I got on the bus from downtown Sydney, together with a lot of other tourists. And not quite knowing where you’re suppose to get off, and with a lot of bus stops with the Bondi name in it, we were anxious about missing our stop, and asking our driver constantly if this was it. I think he was very happy when we finally arrived, and he could get away from the crazy visitors 🙂


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