Staying in the Tropical Woods

For my longer stay on Rarotonga, Cook Islands, I ended up staying inland. I had forgotten all about which hostel I had chose, so after being picked up at the airport and we suddenly turned away from the coastline and downtown Avarua, it dawned on me where we were heading. Can’t say I was too happy with that after having stayed right on the beach on Aitutaki. However it turned out to be quite nice surroundings. More of a local vibe, with the place being up a side street from the inland road (one of the two main roads on Rarotonga) passing houses with tempting fruit trees 🙂 Only problem I had was at nightfall when all the creepy crawlies came out. As the bathroom floor consisted of planks with a fair amount of space between each plank whoever wanted to come into my room could. And there was no locking them in the bathroom as the bathroom walls did not reach the ceiling. Unfortunately this is not what I consider fun 😦 Others don’t care 🙂 Looking past that I was given a big, poolside studio. The Estonian girl I made friends with stayed at a chalet, which she shared with another guest. Her bedroom was teeny-tiny. You can also stay at a room in the main building. Whichever choice you make, it is all basic accommodations.

Tiare Village is a long walk from Avarua centre, so unless you have some mode of transportation, I’d find somewhere else to stay. Walking in the dark you need a flash light, as there are no street lights. There is no bus passing the hostel, but sometimes you can catch a ride with the hostess, who is a very nice lady.


Note: Photo is from hotel’s website.




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