Delft Blues

When in Rotterdam with not much to occupy myself with, I decided a day trip to Delft might be the right choice. I had heard it was a nice, little town famous for Delft Blue, the blue and white pottery associated with the Netherlands. What I didn’t know was that Saturdays are market days. Plenty of stalls, and plenty of people, waaaay too much for my taste 😦 I’m not much of a flea market person either – the city hall square was packed – but I did like the food stalls. Ended up with cheese for my mum, and fresh off the waffle iron stroopfwafels for myself 🙂 But no Delft ceramics. Sometimes the idea of something is better than the reality. What was I to get, and what was I to do with it once back home? Don’t need anymore dust collectors. Delft is otherwise a typical Dutch town with narrow streets, canals, bikes coming from all directions. Could maybe have the potential of being nice to rummage around, when it’s not congested that is.

The train from Rotterdam took about 15 minutes or so.


Note: Photos are by Ellywa (#1) and me (#2).



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