When Going Business Is Worth It

After being on the worst long haul flight ever going from Doha to Bangkok on Qatar Airways, I decided an upgrade was in need going back home. That said, I know I’ve been what some would consider lucky on most of my flights so far, so maybe I had it coming… But I am not OK with Mr. I know my feet stinks, but I’m still gonna take my shoes off, and put them out in the aisle next to the person (me!) on the opposite side. Or sharing a 3-seat row with Mr. I’m a backpacker, so I don’t have to take a shower. Lucky for me there was one poor guy who had to sit between me and said Mr. Or the Russian guy filling up on hard liquor drinks, and ogling my way. Sorry, you’re not in Thailand yet… And the usual(?) we’re off to Thailand on a boys’ trip… All of us crammed together on a full to the rim plane. Never have I ever felt so uncomfortable! But after upgrading to Business Class on the return flight going home was a breeze, and I will be doing that more often 🙂 I had forgotten how nice it is! Walking past the looong bag drop line at check-in to two lines with two people in them. Going through priority security, only making way for airline crew. An airport lounge to wait for boarding in, in a comfortable armchair and with a pretty decent selection of complimentary food. Since Qatar Airways doesn’t have their own lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we were given access to Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Lounge. Boarding was walking straight from the lounge to my seat on board. No waiting in line. Once in my plenty of legroom seat, which turns into a bed, drinks are offered and meals for the rest of the plane ride are selected from the menu: chicken wrap for a very late night snack; fruit, American pancakes and smoothie for breakfast. Only problem is I slept all through breakfast 😦 Apparently a good night sleep even though I opted for jeans and shirt instead of the pajamas I was given together with the Giorgio Armani amenity kit. And last, but not least, lovely lady next to me, just got a new friend and a standing invitation to come see Doha 🙂 What’s not to like!

Website: qatarairways.com

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10 thoughts on “When Going Business Is Worth It

  1. Oh sounds amazing, we have flown business short haul but not long I bet it makes such a difference, although even premium is better sometimes . Thanks so much for linking up #MondayEscapes x

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    • I do economy most of the time, but have gotten the taste for business when travelling for work previously. Would never consider it on shorter flights. I can’t do more than 8 hrs in economy… I actually prefer two 8 hrs to 1 12 hrs…


  2. OH MY GOSH!! Maybe I really don’t have a fear of flying after all- maybe my fear is all those things you mentioned in your piece (including the cheesy feet) and the CURE is business class!!!! 😀

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