Reading the World’s Biggest Book

Or more known as visiting the Kuthodow Pagoda in Mandalay 🙂 It’s not the pagoda itself, but the myriads of small, white stupas lined up in rows upon rows on the pagoda grounds that are the reason to come here. 730 to be exact. Each containing an engraved marble slab, which all together form the world’s biggest book. Besides it being a place of worship this is also a place where families do their Friday (come to think of it…) picnic. I decided to do as the locals and found me a spot under a tree in a quiet part of the grounds. And as I sat down to enjoy my water and crackers – this was an unplanned picnic, I have to add 🙂 – one of the women of the family sitting next to me came over to offer me a snack, a taste of the traditional sticky rice cake. Yep, sticky, but nice! Once again the welcoming Myanmar personality on display!

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20 thoughts on “Reading the World’s Biggest Book

  1. I’ve always heard that Myanmar has amazing temples like this, and largely empty of tourists to boot. she we were doing our Asia travel the government was still such that we didn’t feel comfortable going there. But it’s very much on my to-do list. More now! #wkendtravelinspiration

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