Why I Do YHA

This was my first time at a Hostelling International hostel, in New Zealand also known as YHA, and it won’t be my last. This is the perfect budget place. When I got off the bus from Wellington, my Rotorua home was a mere two blocks off the main street, and as I discovered later, right next to Kuirau Park. The girls working the front desk was a total opposite of the Wellington hotel staff – smiling, helpful, welcoming – just like it’s suppose to be. I had booked a private room, as I am too old for bunk beds, both in age and spirit 🙂 I popped by the communal areas to have a look, and I think it must be the best communal areas I have seen at a hostel. Huge kitchen and lounge – clean, tidy, inviting. When I booked a tour through the hostel I got a HI discount, which always helps the budget go further. They where also kind to point me in the direction of the best pie place in town 🙂 Bull’s eye!

Website: yha.co.nz/hostels/north-island-hostels/yha-rotorua

Note: Photo is by stavroulis.


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