The Echo of Art Deco

I bet the Hotel Waterloo & Backpackers building in Wellington was a beauty once upon a time. These days it is a distant echo only. And the echo is nothing to be in awe about. I’d say only upsides to this accommodation are price and proximity to the train station, and the bus stop from where I had to catch my bus to Rotorua. It is an old, basic, timeworn hotel with a far from welcoming staff – don’t ask these ones for help as I don’t think you’ll get any… The room I had booked came with a basin, a shared bathroom, and a neighbor – basically a unit of two rooms, a bathroom and a small entrance hall. Didn’t see much of the lady next door, so it worked out fine. I visited Wellington in their winter. Even though it is far from a Norwegian winter, it got a bit chilly at night, but the room had a working heater so I was nice and warm. Another drawback, at least in my eyes, was theย hotel being on one side of the city, near most sightseeing spots, making most of the restaurants on the opposite side of the city a brisk walk away. A fair share of shops nearby though.


Note: Photo is byย Michal Klajban.


18 thoughts on “The Echo of Art Deco

  1. Goodness, can you imagine how much better your experience would have been, how much more free publicity they would get, if they just gave you decent service? I have very little time for rude hotel staff. #CityTripping

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