Polynesian Spa

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned you’re in for a surprise, and sometimes you’re not. Going to the spa was not on my list when visiting Rotorua, even though a Polynesian spa sounded intriguing. Having limited amount of time forces you to prioritize. But as I was dropped off nearby after one of the tours I went on, and since I didn’t have anything else planned, I thought why not. In retrospect I could have spent the time, and money (not expensive though…), on something else. Not to say that dipping into the hot water in pools with different temperatures wasn’t nice for 10 minutes, just not an unforgettable experience that you’d like to do for longer. And I’ll claim the spa retreat’s basic look had something to do with it. Dressing rooms, outside pool area, cafe and reception were all non-“inspiring”. When I go to the spa it’s to relax in soothing surroundings. This is a more somber spa visit than what I usually come across.

Website: polynesianspa.co.nz

Note: Sunset photo is provided by Polynesian Spa.


10 thoughts on “Polynesian Spa

  1. I am relieved to hear that I didn’t miss out… We drove to Rotorua on our last night in New Zealand, but it was too late to really do anything. The Polynesian Spa was on my list and I was bummed we didn’t get to go, but feel relieved that it wasn’t a loss. Thanks for posting your honest opinion <3.

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