A Beach with a Backdrop

I’ve seen a lot of beaches. Most are regular ones. Some exceptional ones. The long stretch of sand in Maspalomas on Gran Canaria is nothing like I’ve been to before. The sand dune backdrop is just something else. Within this 12 km long playground there is something for everyone, including a nude beach and a gay beach, so here you can just pick and choose. My friend and I decided to set up camp at bar no. 7 with the rainbow flag blowing in the wind. And as Pride was in town, it was pretty packed. This was my first time hanging out at both a nude beach and a gay beach. The latter I had no problem with, the former I only did on one condition – I got to keep my bikini on 🙂 I wanted to go explore the sand dunes, but my friend (a somewhat local) told me things (read: toilet and other things…) happen in the dunes, so my desire quickly vanished 😀 On second thought I was more than fine enjoying the beauty from afar.

Note: Photo is by Schnucki.


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