Bath’s Roman Baths


This place is an attraction that has looked great in all the photos I’ve seen – I have literally felt the steam on my face. Apparently it was all in my imagination, because reality was quite different… After entering an anonymously looking building it was kind of survival of the fittest, because this place was cramped with people – tons! And it wasn’t even during a holiday or weekend. Schools had obviously decided this was the perfect day for an excursion. When walking through the museum what surprised me the most was the scale of it. From the outside you wouldn’t believe they were able to cram so much in-between the walls and the surrounding buildings. But even though there is much to have a look at, I didn’t find anything besides the main pool interesting, which by all means is a pleasant one. And to my surprise was outside. As a (nice) end to the visit you are able to taste the famous spa water. With a distant lingering smell of sulphur I just didn’t fancy a taste of the 43 curative minerals – I could taste the taste without tasting it, if you know what I mean 😦 Yet if you fancy some kind of nutritious intake there is an on-site restaurant, which probably looked a lot more fancy than what it was – I headed off for some pub food instead 🙂




15 thoughts on “Bath’s Roman Baths

  1. I visited here just a few weeks ago but had better luck than you regarding crowd size. We arrived just after opening, and it wasn’t too bad. I DID taste the water. Not only did it taste bad, it was warm, too, which just made the experience that much weirder. We also skipped the fancy restaurant and got some takeaway elsewhere instead.

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