London’s Grand Hotel


Ha ha, this one was quite the surprise, considering I thought I had booked the same hotel as I did last time I was in London. I had not! 😀 I entered, I looked bewildered around, I even asked the receptionist if the hotel had been there for a long time. I explained my confusion, she looked at me like I was a crazy person 🙂 After my initial “shock” had settled I made my way through the tiny reception area (if you have time to kill after checking out, don’t count on killing it here…) to discover that finding my room was quite the runaround. There are hallways, doors and staircases going every which way – I guess the charm of an older building…? Even though I found myself at a lot more basic place than planned, it got the job done. Usually I don’t care too much about hotel amenities, but I must say a water boiler and tea bags were a nice welcome home after a freezing day at Stonehenge. The very best thing about this hotel is however without a doubt the location. It is a short walk from Earls Court metro station in Kensington, which in itself is a great neighborhood with cafes, restaurants and a few shops.




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