What Does Auckland Have to Offer?


When Sky Tower is your best experience, you know you’re in trouble… Maybe a couple of days isn’t enough to justify this city, but I’m glad I didn’t set aside more days than that. So what did I do? First I headed for Auckland Museum (aucklandmuseum.com), which is located in a very elegant building. But by now I’ve been to my share of museums, so I must admit I’m a bit tired of that scene. As a consequence(?), I thought this one was nothing more than OK. The Maori display was the best. I also went for a stroll in the harbor area. Not much to see. Probably a lot better in the summertime. There were a few local neighborhoods I could have explored, but that I can get anywhere, well, almost. And when there’s nothing else to do I usually go shopping, but where…? Not much to choose from. In essence, been there, done that!

Other things to do: Auckland tips

Website: aucklandnz.com

Big thanks to my fellow traveller Virginie Mariaux, who I met in Rotorua, New Zealand, for kindly letting me use her photo for this post!


10 thoughts on “What Does Auckland Have to Offer?

  1. I only spent a couple of days in Auckland (if that) and didn’t even go up the Sky Tower…oops. It’s a small city but there are so many places to explore outside the city. #citytripping

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  2. I’ve only had one very jetlagged day in Auckland, en route from one set of South Pacific islands to another, so I didn’t get to explore much. I remember really enjoying the atmsophere and the coffee though, and it’s somewhere I’ve always fancied visiting for longer. A shame you didn’t enjoy it. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

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  3. As someone who moved to Auckland, I agree with you in many ways…because as with so many NZ cities, the delights are to be found by going out of them, using the city as a base…and Auckland has loads of options if you have a car or get on a boat to one of the nearby islands. Hopefully you won’t be put off returning.

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    • Rotorua was my NZ favorite! And taking the bus from Wellington to Rotorua to Auckland. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to explore NZ. Did Australia, NZ and Cook Islands in 5 weeks. So wish I could go back! It’s just sooo far away from Norway 😦


        • Yes, I heard from a Kiwi I met in China a while back that the South Island is a lot like Norway, so for that reason I decided not to go there. I’m from the northern part of Norway, so of course I think this is the best part of the country 🙂 Live in Oslo though… I didn’t find Australia or NZ particularly cheap compared to Norway…


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