I Love Meat Pie!!


I have a new love in my life – meat pie!! Don’t know about Mrs. Lovett’s, but Goldiluck in Rotorua, New Zealand has some very yummy ones 🙂 The steak and cheese was just to die for!! I was recommended this place by the girls in the reception of my hostel, when I told them I needed to try one of those ubiquitous pies. It was so much fun to see the surprise on their faces, when I told them I had never had a meat pie, and that you didn’t find those back in Norway. As far as I could tell Goldiluck’s pies were homemade, but as you know by now, no expert here. There were a couple of elderly ladies (does this add to the authenticity of homemade…?) behind the counter, and they were very happy to hear I had been told this place was the best in town. This might have been my first meat pie, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t my last on my tour of New Zealand 🙂


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