The Grenada Experience


On Granada I made two stops. First I went to the beach at Morne Rouge Bay. And that was a real letdown… In hindsight I guess I can ask myself what my expectations were, and, thinking of it, I had none… I guess that doesn’t root well for the place either… Best thing about the beach was the small crowd, and a nice, chill bar to hang out for a drink. My second, last and best stop was the streets of St. Georges’s, which was a freeing place to be! I could might as well have been wearing Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility. Never have I ever felt so overlooked 🙂 It was not a tourist trap, it was not laid-back – it was just the locals going about their everyday life. And I loved it!




8 thoughts on “The Grenada Experience

  1. I could walk around this down for days. It became a little routine, every time I’d take the bus into St. Georges, I’d have the driver drop me off on the outskirts of town and I’d find different streets to walk going towards my destination in town. So much interesting architecture and nice people!

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  2. I love Grenada! I have just included it in my top five family-friendly Caribbean islands actually because it is so friendly. Grande Anse Beach is stunning, it is a shame you were not impressed with the beach you visited. #MondayEscapes

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