Give Peas a Chance at Hummus Bros!


Located in London’s Soho, this is a place I always stop by for lunch, when I’m on one of my shopping outings to the metropolis 🙂 And it’s the place that got me addicted to hummus 10 years ago or so. Back then my friend and I were actually on our way to the European premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, when our driver suggested this place for a light snack. First Hummus Bros, then the red carpet at Odeon 😀 Hummus Bros is a relatively small, but not cramped, place with communal tables and a minimalist interior. And as you get from the name of the place, they serve hummus! In a variety of ways – there are plenty of different toppings to choose from! Just grab a bite of that pita, and dig in! Great food at great prices that will make your day nothing but great!


Big thanks to Taylor Young at, who kindly let me use his photos for this post!



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