Pension Lehrerhaus in Vienna Is an Oldie, but Goodie

bilde (9)

Yes, this place is an oldie, but goodie. When you enter the hallway and room, there is definitely a 1906 feeling present. But I didn’t mind it – I actually found it in a way endearing 🙂 The hotel entrance is a bit tricky to find. You’ll probably walk past it a couple of times, before you realise it’s right in front of you. I picked a non-ensuite room, but there was a sink in the room, which always makes things a bit easier. It is a quiet place with a nice and helpful staff, and the surrounding area has a few restaurants and cafes, and a grocery store on the corner. The only drawback, if you would consider it one…, is location. I don’t mind walking around town when I’m out and about. I actually prefer it. However I do realise that the location of Pension Lehrerhaus might feel a bit off, if you’re staying in Vienna for a longer period of time. I stayed for a couple of days only, and I was fine. To give you an idea, it is about 1,2 km to Hofburg and 1,8 km to Stephan Square, but a lot to see on the way! BUT, there is a metro stop one block from the hotel, so even if you don’t feel like trotting the streets of Vienna all day long, I’d still consider this the place to get some rest.



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