Choose Ollantaytambo Over Cusco!


Of course it depends on what you’re looking for. You choose Cusco, if you want to stay in a big town. And you should choose Ollantaytambo, if you want to stay at a laidback, quaint, little place – which is the reason why I chose to spend three nights (I spent one day at Machu Picchu). And I don’t regret it!! Cusco hadn’t much to offer me – just another big town… But in Ollantaytambo I found what I was looking for. There are only a couple of roads where cars can drive. It is mostly narrow, cobbled alleys made for walking. The centres of activity are the little plaza and the market below the fortress perched on a steep hill. There are a few small restaurants, cafes, bars and shops as well.

I arrived at the train station in Cusco, and had my hostel arrange a pick-up from here. After a little over 2 hours by car, in sometimes pitch black with no street lights, through the Sacred Valley and its villages, I got to Ollantaytambo under the starriest sky I have ever seen!

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10 thoughts on “Choose Ollantaytambo Over Cusco!

    • Nice name 🙂 It is quaint and quiet. In parts of the village it feels like time stood still, other parts are more “regular”. Not a place for the one who needs to be entertained and on the go. Just so lovely!


  1. Interesting! I was under the impression that this town was very close to Cuzco. Agree that sometimes towns are better than big cities. To me, they feel more personal.

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    • It was a bit farther away than what I thought, timewise that is. Went there right after arriving on the train from Puno to Cusco, so it was one long day on the road. But a great day! I love metropolises like New York and Hong Kong, but on a smaller scale I tend to prefer smaller, village type places, with less tourists around 🙂 An alone in the world kind of feeling 🙂


  2. Starry skies are something that I seek, and I guess I’d have a much better chance at finding them in a small village like Ollantaytambo than big Cusco. I like the photo of the cobblestone street. It looks so quaint. Thanks for linking up with #WkendTravelInspiration.

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    • For sure! Like the Northern Lights 🙂 Driving from Cusco to Ollantaytambo in more or less pitch black. A few villages here and there on the way. It is very quaint. One of the reasons why I loved it so much. There are a couple of “regular” roads – getting into town and down to the train station. The rest is cobblestone.


    • To me Cusco was just another “big city”. On the other hand I adored Ollantaytambo 🙂 Luckily I didn’t have any problems with altitude. But I did realise I wouldn’t have been able to go hiking…


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